Sijibomi Ogundele of Sujimoto Construction Set to Bankroll a N5m Bakery for Olajumoke Orisaguna



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Olajumoke Orisaguna, whose story inspired millions, is on a path to more becoming bakery owner.

According to Encomium, there are plans by Sijibomi Ogundele (of Sujimoto Construction) to bankroll a bakery for the Iree-born hairstylist who became a celebrity after photo-bombing TY Bello’s shoot of Tinie Tempah on February 2, 2016.

Encomium Weekly reports that Sijibomi Ogundele said,

“For the past few months we have known her, we realized that Olajumoke is a lifetime project. We want to engage her, not just giving her an apartment, what would happen if the rent expires in the next five years. Yes, she is a model but that is not enough. She is a mother of two and her husband does not have work, we pay her monthly salary but before the end of the year, we want a bakery for her. Her story came from selling bread, hopefully by the grace of God. We pray God gives us life and hope, we would create the bread of hope where she would work.

Olajumoke is like an entrepreneur, she knows how to add this to that, we are trying to maximize her potentials. No matter how small the bakery would be, we want to try to see if we can do that.”

And aside the building for the bakery, more than N5 million will go into the purchase of equipment and materials.

The budget also excludes staffers that will man the bakery.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to an expert who explained all the cost centers the mother of two daughters will need to kick off…

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